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Whether you’re a professional makeup artist on-the-go or an every day girly-girl who loves to experiment with makeup, it's essential to keep all of your products and utensils organized in a makeup bag. 

Celebrity makeup artist Brenda Arelano offers a few tips on how to organize your makeup tools and keep your brushes clean.

The Proper Makeup Bag

We try to get away with shoving all our products in a small, condensed bag. But, after spending a good chunk of money on your products, why throw them around? 

Makeup caboodles are a great way to keep your makeup organized at home. They come with many sections of different sizes to hold your shadows, brushes and lipsticks. Smaller compact caboodles are better to hold your bottles and liquids like foundations, Q-Tips and sponges. A bonus is they are easy to pack and travel with.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes 

Clean your cosmetic brushes before you pack them so they can air dry. And, you never want to start a job with dirty brushes! Brush shampoo or an instant brush cleaner are easy and quick to use. Dip the brush into the cleaner and wipe on a paper towel. It's as simple as that! If you don’t have brush shampoo or an instant cleaner, then you spray with alcohol. Sanitation is very important!

Cleaning your makeup brushes help prevent build-up from your foundation and ensures a smooth and glowing look. These simple tips for organizing your makeup will make your life on-the-go much simpler! 

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