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eating-expectantly-environmental-and-chemical-considerations-video-headerKeep both yourself and your home healthy and clean while pregnant!

Author and dietitian Bridget Swinney offers some advice about which household chemicals and cleaning products you should avoid while you are pregnant. When you’re pregnant, you should be careful about what you eat but you also need to be careful about the chemicals in your house and around you. Check out this video to find out what you should watch out for! 


Chemicals to Avoid While Pregnant 

  • Watch out for fragrance such as lotion and deodorant because certain chemicals in fragrances can cause an increase in the rate of premature birth or other birth defects. 
  • Anything that kills bugs isn’t good for us! Go for plant-based bug spray instead of chemical-based. 
  • You may also want to eat organic. Although it’s expensive, there’s plenty of research that will help you to determine which organic foods are the best for you and your new baby! 

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