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When pregnant, staying healthy is a priority can be a challenge. 

Author and dietician Bridget Swinney maps out the healthiest options for pregnant women for every meal of the day. If you’re pregnant and you’ve asked yourself: “What should I eat?” and “How much should I eat?” Bridget Swinney has some tips for you! Check out my interview with her here. 


What to Eat While Pregnant: Sample Meal Plan

Bridget Swinney has laid out a perfect day of meals for the pregnant woman. As with any diet or plan to get healthier, you want to eat several small meals rather than few big meals. Here's a sample meal plan for a day in the life of a pregnant woman. 

Meal 1: Eat a breakfast high in protein. Eat eggs, spinach, an orange and a slice of whole grain bread.

Meal 2: Snack on yogurt with fresh fruit.

Meal 3: At lunch, eat a quinoa salad, salmon, cantaloupe, and wild greens: kale, spinach and chard.

Meal 4: For a pre-dinner snack, eat bell peppers, bananas and carrots with hummus made of chickpeas.

Meal 5: For dinner, choose lean beef, a sweet potato and broccoli.

It’s may seem like a lot of food but it’s healthy food high in all the nutrients to help you and baby!


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