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Knowing what to eat when you’re pregnant can be confusing and overwhelming. You want to feel satisfied but also give your baby everything he or she needs to be healthy. Ashley Pettit, head of Ashley Pettit Living, spoke with author and dietitian Bridget Swinney about what foods will give your baby the best health benefits and aid in development in each trimester of a pregnancy. 


First Trimester 


During the first trimester, antioxidants are super important. Try incorporating walnuts, pumpkin seeds, mangos, strawberries, bell peppers, milk and yogurt with added vitamin D. 

10191-eating-expectantly-what-to-eat-in-each-trimester-video-3Second Trimester 

Eating foods with iron is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby during your second trimester. Eat lentils, roast beef and spinach. 

Third Trimester 

Mushrooms and eggs will help with your baby’s memory development, as well as potassium-filled bananas, potatoes, milk and tofu. So even if you’re a vegetarian, you can still give your baby the nutrients he or she needs.

Integrate some of these foods during your different trimesters and get the best health benefits for your new bundle of joy! 

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