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Eat the Right Foods to Help You Sleep!

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Insomniacs rejoice (and grab a snack)!

A new study has revealed that you can get your circadian rhythm in check with a simple change in diet. Researchers in Japan have discovered a connection between a person's diet and circadian rhythm.

Fluctuating insulin levels, based on what you eat before bed, can have a positive, or negative impact on how you sleep.

Certain foods cause more insulin to be released in the body during digestions, and researchers claim an insulin rush can make a person feel tired. Whereas eating foods that secrete less insulin can help you stay alert.

When you're ready to hit the hay, eating foods high in carbohydrates - like pasta, rice, bread, cereal and potatoes will make you sleepy.

To kick start your energy levels in the morning, proteins, whole grains, nuts and fruits are a better option to keep you awake and alert.

While there are several other ways to get your inner clock back on track, knowing the right foods to eat before bed is one simple solution to get the sleep you need.

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