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Think of your perfect dream wedding. Now think of your perfect dream wedding completely free. And now, think about your dream wedding completely free with Ed Sheeran singing for your first dance.

Impossible? Not so much! A couple from Sydney, Australia was lavished with the wedding of their dreams on March 25, 2015, thanks to a simple request made to radio station KIIS 1065.

Matt Debono had been waiting for the right opportunity, and better financial stability, to marry his partner Kya. However, in 2012 Kya’s mother passed, which meant paying for funeral fees and other expenses. Their wedding plans got sidestepped and hadn't been revisited.

Debono desperately reached out to Kyle and Jakie O’s email from KIIS 1065 hoping to surprise Kya with the wedding of their dreams. And boy, did they do just that! The couple was surprised by Sydney Bridal Expo with a $60,000 wedding, which covered the reception, the bride’s gown and makeup, and even a honeymoon for $10,000.

Oh, and let’s not forget live entertainment by Ed Sheeran! The 24-year-old performer sang “Thinking Out Loud” to the couple, and it was a beautifully touching moment for the pair that has been struggling for so long.

Want to view the moving moment? This video was made from the wedding. Grab the tissues!


Photo Credit: YouTube

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