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tips-to-be-a-happier-you-videoBe mindful about your happiness by making small changes that happy people do every day.

Being happy is a decision. It requires everyday maintenance and upkeep that can be challenging. Too easily, we can slump into the dumps because of fleeting feelings of envy or focusing too heavily on the past. Preserve your feel-good moods each day with these happiness tips. 

Boost Your Mood With These Tips

1. Write

Rather than keeping trepidations and anxieties trapped inside, write down your expressions. As you freely write about your thoughts and feelings, you may find answers to questions you didn’t even know you were asking. Even just jotting down euphoric lyrics from a Beatles song or an inspirational quote such as, "Lift up your head gorgeous!" can keep your spirits high. 

2. Share Gratitude

Gratitude is powerful. Each day, put into writing something that makes you happy or feel lucky and place it into a gratitude jar. During moments when you’re feeling down, you can reach in and remind yourself why you’re fortunate to live the life you have and be the person whom you are.

3. Tell Stories

Spending time with good friends and family can improve moods and keep you smiling. Expand upon your social circles. Step outside your comfort zone by making new friends with whom you can share stories and learn about what makes other people happy. 

4. Listen More

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Staying quiet and mindfully listening to what another person has to say can teach you about new perspectives and challenge your traditional way of thinking. Listening to a loved one can strengthen your relationship and listening to your own body can improve your health. 

5. Kill Envy

Envy is a natural, yet wasted emotion. Jealousy can consume your thoughts and instigate a slew of other negative emotions, including resentment, anger, and self-pity. If hints of envy start to arise, make a decision to shut down that feeling. Channel the energy in something positive, such as, drive to move toward a promotion at work or boldly ask someone out on a date. 

6. Get Moving

Moving the body moves the mind. Exercise is a mood-boosting, stress-mitigating and feel-good elixir. You can improve your mood for 12 hours, called the “happiness effect,” with just a 20-minute workout. As heart-pounding exercises become the norm, you’ll build an immunity to stress and become less sensitive to it.

7. Let It Go

Letting go of the past opens you up to enjoying the present and feeling excited about the future. Moving on from the past includes letting go of the good times as well. Cherish your memories, but by freeing yourself of past and good times, you have more room to soak in experiences and life lessons without it holding you back. 

8. Eat Dessert

Indulge in dark chocolate every day. About 4 ounces of this sweet stimulant triggers feelings of joy and pleasure. Dark chocolate also helps lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease. So treat yourself. You deserve it. 

These simple tips for being happier will boost your mood and make your feel better. Making small changes in your life result in a big impact! 

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