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elderly-in-home-care-vs-nursing-homeNursing Home Choices

Do you recall being a child and hearing your parents compain about being old? Eventually the time will come in their lives when those comical statements will become reality. It can be very upsetting for our parents to age and experience challenges just completing the smallest of tasks without assistance. You will need to sit down with the rest of your family and discuss the elderly in home care vs. nursing home options for aging parents.

Best Care Options for Your Beloved

Sometimes, we have to help the ones we love by placing them in a safe environment. These people can be our parents, an aunt or uncle, even a sibling, but planning for their long-term care requires a thought process and a great plan for ultimate success. Do not place a family member in a home just because they are lonely or bored. Find other things for that special person in your life to do such as visiting grandkids, taking up a hobby or class on the weekends, and even going shopping together. Take turns with your siblings and other family members visiting this person versus admitting them into a personal care center without real need.

Home Care

Home care is when you hire someone to tend to your family member right inside his or her own home. This has pros and cons as well. If your senior is in need medical care, they may be better off in a nursing home where their medicinal needs can be met. If they only need minimal supervision or help doing a few tasks per day, looking into a certified nursing assistant to accompany them can be an option. Prices will vary depending on the intensity of the care they will require, but in almost all cases, the family member is happier when residing in the comfort of home.

Nursing Home

A nursing home is more for those that are over the age of seventy and those that have complex health issues. Alzheimer's and dementia are two great reasons to admit a senior to one of these facilities. Here they receive around the clock care with a physician onboard for monitoring health needs. Seniors can have roommates depending on the facility you take them to. The major issue here is the cost. Some insurance companies will help with fees for these housing situations, but most of the time it falls upon the family members to pay for the accommodations.  

Some families prepare for these life changes rather well. Often, the aging parents will have stacked away the needed funds to retire in a facility or there are several children that the costs can be divided among. Talk it over with your family to make the best decision for optimum health for your beloved senior, not just for physical health, but for metal and emotional health as well.

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