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You would have to be living under a rock not to know the names Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but they are far from the only names you will have to know in the ballot booth. The spotlight is shifting focus a bit to what is called the down-ballot candidates. For those looking to prepare for Voting Day, we have a new online tool to help you bone up on your local choices.

17900-ballotpedia-logoIn 2007 the online almanac of elections and election laws hit the web as Ballotpedia. The collaborative encyclopedia tracks elections and ballot measures at both the national and the state level. The website includes information about the U.S. Congress, state legislatures and local issues from ballot measures about school bonds to city ordinances.

17900-ballotpedia-ballotsOur favorite part of Ballotpedia is the feature that lets you look up the ballot for your own area, which has everything from the national spots to the local people and issues in your own town. It's a great cheat sheet to prepare for your own voting day.

Ballotpedia is on a mission to provide comprehensive coverage of the over 507,000 elected officials in the United States, the laws that govern every kind of election and the public policy issues that impact all of us.

Sounds good to us!

Website: Ballotpedia

Facebook: Ballotpedia

Twitter: @ballotpedia

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