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Before school starts, one of the most important items on your to-do list should be to get all your kids up-to-date on all the required immunizations and vaccines for the school year. 


For parents who were nervous about getting their little ones vaccinated, it's crunch time to start catching up on the required list of vaccinations for elementary school. First of all,  you should know that there are no official federal requirements for vaccinations and specifics vary from state to state, but many schools follow recommendations from the Center For Disease Control and prevention. 

All 50 states allow medical exemptions, 48 states allow religious exemptions, and 19 states allow philosophical exemptions, but it can be extremely beneficial for the majority of kids to get vaccinated. The risk of your youngsters having a negative reaction to a vaccine is really low, and a vaccine can save your family a lot of pain and stress down the line. Your kids won't have to suffer through easily preventable diseases like measles and polio (which can be really dangerous) and you'll save yourself from the time and worry associated with taking care of a sick child. 

While the Center For Disease Control And Prevention comes up with recommendations, it's ultimately up to the states to finalize a list of required vaccinations that extend to both public or private schools. While parents should definitely expect these popular vaccines on the left to be on the list, they should check out the CDC website for a state-by-state breakdown and any additional shots that are required.

It's also important to glance over your school's requirements. For example, some schools require HPV shots for girls whereas the state will rarely mandate that as a requirement. 

Check out our vaccine guides for middle school students and high school students.  

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