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elizabeth-smart-gives-birthPhoto Credit: Splash

In an interview with the East Idaho News, Elizabeth Smart's father, Ed Smart, surprised us all by revealing that his daughter gave birth to a baby girl named Chloe this past February.

13 years ago, Elizabeth was the subject of a nation-wide search after she was kidnapped from her own bedroom. She was found 9 months later being held hostage by a street-preacher that had broken into the family's home. 

Smart's father said Chloe's birth shows that those who have suffered awful abuse can still reclaim their lives. 

"We want all of those people that have been victimized out there to be survivors," he told the East Idaho News. "We want them to find their dreams and find that new hope in life that helps them become the best and the most they can be."

Besides her new mom duties, Elizabeth has also been able to reclaim her life as an activist against sex trafficking and crimes against children. 

We're so happy for Elizabeth and her family, but we're also expecting not to hear much more about the new addition. Ed Smart told the the Salt Lake City Tribute that it wasn't an accident that people are just hearing about Chloe's birth now. 

"This is something she is keeping to herself and not trying to have out there," Smart said. 


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