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Photo Credit: EllenTube

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is taking a stand against plain ignorance…with humor. Being such a huge celebrity, there’s no doubt that the 15-time People’s Choice "Fan Favorite" winner also succumbs to some scrutiny and backlash in the media.

This time though, Pastor Larry Tomczak, an author and self-proclaimed "cultural commentator," is accusing DeGeneres of having some sort of "gay agenda" in Hollywood. The comedienne, according to the Tomczak, uses her television platform to somehow recruit young people into the gay community.

Last week, The Christian Post published Tomczak’s article titled "Are You Aware of the Avalanche of Gay Programming Assaulting Your Home?" In it, Ellen was targeted along with programs like Glee and Modern Family for the gay characters featured on the award-winning shows.

DeGeneres used her funny talents to respond.

On her show, she told her audience that typically she hardly ever reads articles about herself.

"I don’t look at the tabloids or the internet. Uness it’s about me being pregnant and then how else would I know? Got to find out. But I heard there was an article written about me and I would like to address it right now."

The talk-show host and wife of Portia De Rossi was accused by Tomczak of "celebrat[ing] her lesbianism and 'marriage' in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls."

"OK, let’s just break this down. First of all, I’m not 'married,'" DeGeneres said while signaling air quotes for 'I’m married.'

"That’s all," she continued "And, Larry, I don’t even know what it means to celebrate my lesbianism. I mean… Well, I guess I do." DeGeneres then pulled a confetti popper out of her pocket and celebrated. "Like that! Yay! I’m gay!"

"In the article, the pastor criticizes a lot of TV shows for promoting gay agendas,” DeGeneres went on. "He says that Glee has over five characters. Modern Family had a gay wedding. Anderson Cooper boasts about his sexuality. If you ask me, Larry is watching a lot of gay TV. His solution is for parents to encourage their kids to watch classic TV shows like Little House on the Prairie and I Love Lucy."

After injecting some laughs into an offensive article for DeGeneres, she was able to wonderfully summarize her intentions as a gay celebrity. "The only way I’m trying to influence people is to be more kind and compassionate with one another. That is the message I’m sending out. I don’t have an agenda."

"I’m not here to brainwash anyone," she continued. 

Ellen then pulled out a spiraling illusion vortex and said to her fans, "Listen to the sound of my voice. Attention youth of the world: I want you to live your lives being exactly who you are. Be true to yourself – the most important thing is to be true to yourself. The second most important thing is that you wear Ellen underwear and only Ellen underwear."

Finally, she smiled and invited her guests to "look into my vortex and dance with me." 

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