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ellen-degeneres-v-portia-de-rossi-the-couple-battles-in-a-social-media-prank-warPhoto Credit: Splash Images

Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to a good joke… and it seems neither is her wife! And we just get to sit back, grab some popcorn and laugh till we cry over the most amusing prank battle to go viral. It's on between the TV host and her Scandal actress wife!

The playful back and forth started when Ellen had Jane Fonda on her show in late December to discuss her impactful collection of workout videos. The 76-year-oldThis Is Where I Leave You star was happy to learn that the host’s wife Portia was getting good use out of them… and a good sweat!

Portia was doing her routine Jane Fonda video to start off the new year when her sneaky wife crept in to videotape the workout regime. Ellen then posted the short video labeled, "Portia Works Out." 

DeGeneres’s wife of seven years wasn’t amused with the antics… and this was enough to push her to seek revenge! Two days later, Portia got her back while videotaping DeGeneres running on the treadmill and getting into that "runner’s high" with a good song we presume.

Portia tweeted, "I got you back" with a video of Ellen

Okay, so we’re laughing really hard at these two because they are so effortlessly funny and in love. However, how about their exercise dedication?! If these two aren’t laughing alongside each other, they’re working out and staying in shape for 2015!

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