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1-elsa-makes-her-entranceThe nation's favorite ice queen added to the cast of "Once Upon A Time."

We were so, so, so close to that "Happily Ever After," last night for "Once Upon A Time" season three finale...until Elsa decided to make her entrance into Storybrooke. The two-hour season finale was filled with numerous twists and turns, but this particular one was not one to expect. Turns out our favorite ice queen is now the new villain to watch for this upcoming fall.

If you're not familiar with the "Once Upon A Time" story, then you should know that these fairytale characters have experienced numerous trials thanks to villains who just keep making a scene. After Regina's curse was broken in season one, the characters have experienced other villains such as Peter Pan (yes, he was a villain), The Wicked Witch of the West (who recently died in this past season) and now Elsa.

The season finale was an adventure for two of the show's favorite characters, Emma Swan and Captain Hook. The two fell into a time portal that was made by the Wicked Witch during season three, and after a few changes they accidentally made in their fairytale story, they had to make the effort to put their story back on track. Coming back through the time portal, Emma and Hook actually took through two new items. One was a woman who was intended to be dead in their story, as well as a foreign object they did not intend to bring through. Turns out, the object finally "let go" of the storm that was being held inside.

There have been no reveals on who is going to star as Elsa in season four, and fans also question if Elsa's sister, Princess Anna, will also be making an entrance.

So, Storybrooke, do you want to build a snowman?

What do you think of the "Once Upon A Time" new villain?

Photo Credit: PR Photos, YouTube

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