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emily-maynard-dating-chris-harrisonIs Emily Maynard Dating "The Bachelorette" Host Chris Harrison?

Emily Maynard is this season’s beloved bachelorette and we have all been captivated as she dated her way from tons of suitors to four very special guys on NBC’s “The Bachelorette.” Rumors have begun to circulate about Emily Maynard and “The Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison. Chris Harrison has hosted the series for several years, and very famously separated from his wife of many years recently. So is Emily Maynard dating Chris Harrison? We aren’t quite sure…

Emily Maynard and Chris Harrison

Emily Maynard is the sweet single mom that America first fell in love with on “The Bachelor.” Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard have worked together for the past two years but rumors are circulating that the two are also romantically involved. We feel that we need to let you know that these rumors were started by a tabloid magazine and Vienna Girardi. Yes, that Vienna Girardi the drama queen with strange publicity stunts and explosive breakups. So is it true? Are Emily Maynard and Chris Harrison dating? Well, according to Vienna Girardi they are!

Who Is Emily Maynard Dating?

The million-dollar question here is: who is Emily Maynard dating? We wish we knew. While the Emily Maynard and Chris Harrison rumors seem a bit far-fetched, we aren’t sure which guy the southern stunner is going to end up with. 

Emily Maynard has had a very exciting run on “The Bachelorette,” and we can’t wait until the truth is finally revealed! What do you think? Is Emily Maynard dating Chris Harrison? Do you think Emily Maynard and Chris Harrison would make a good couple? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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