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emma-stone-raps-ludacris-on-the-tonight-showEmma Stone channeled her inner rap artist in this hilarious Jimmy Fallon video.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show , the Spider-Man 2 star stole the show in Jimmy Fallon’s lip-synch contest. Stone amazed the crowd (even Fallon) with her lip synching skills to Ludacris’s extremely fast verse on DJ Khaled’s hit “All I Do Is Win.” From the moment she announced she would be performing the song, Fallon looked amazed. When she kicked it off, the audience cheered her on and Fallon himself couldn’t help, but bounce back and forth to the beat.

When it was all said and done, he gave Stone her props and said, “That was the best one [lip-synching performance] that’s been done on the show ever.” 

Stone also gave the audience a taste of “Hook” by Blues Traveler, which left Fallon speechless.

He confessed, “I can’t even talk to you right now.” 

Fallon was no amateur when it came to rap skills either. He held his own and was definitely a hard act to beat. The first song he performed was Iggy Azaela’s new song “Fancy” while Stone laughed along. He also lip synched to “Mr. Roboto” by Styx.

Check out the hilarious video below and Stone rapping Ludacris at the 6:22 mark.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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