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Emma-Watson-Spreads-Gender-Equality-Message-on-Twitter-twitterPhoto Credit: Splash Images

Emma Watson is not just a talented actress. The British star is also an outspoken feminist and gender equality activist, as illustrated through her awesome #HeForShe campaign. The fabulousness doesn’t stop there. She recently took to Twitter to reply to fans’ questions, advising them to do good in the world and follow their dreams.

In a recent Twitter Q&A, Watson doled out inspiring messages to her followers. To one girl whose father said that her dream of being an engineer was impractical because it’s a "man’s profession" to become an engineer, Watson said, "Become an engineer."

Watson also tweeted, "I don’t believe in a binary I believe that we all exist on a spectrum and all deserve equality." Her wise words earned her a social media shout-out from fellow actress Elizabeth Banks.

According to their website, HeForShe is a "a solidarity movement for gender equality" and is part of the United Nation’s UN Women organization. She recently spoke in Davos about her efforts, saying the hashtag #HeForShe has started 1.2 billion social media conversations about gender equality.

One of the goals of the #HeForShe campaign is to involve men in putting real support into ending gender discrimination. To one male follower who wanted to know what he could do about the issue, she advised, "Keep your eyes and ears open and speak up."

Watson also let out a happy tweet about her upcoming role as Belle in a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast

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