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Empowering-your-kids-header“Empowering your children to attack life’s hurdles and challenges head-on can start them on a course to succeed. Every mom empowers in her own way and our moms are no exception.”

How to Empower Your Kids

Tami Conway, owner of "The Daily Method," says that all kids need choices of some kind. Consider allowing your oldest child to kind of “lead” your youngest. Allowing your oldest to read a story every night to a younger brother or sister empowers the child and helps them learn to be a leader! 

Kids can often assume they are bad at a certain task before even trying it. You don't want them to that mindset so by showing confidence in their abilities gives them a sense of confidence to attempt it.

Have your children make to-do lists. Once they complete their daily homework and chores list, allow them to have their own free time to watch TV, read a fun book, or play with their toys. They will feel as if they earned that free time.

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