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For a lot of people, this year was pretty rough. In fact, many of you might be pretty eager to be saying "so long" to 2016! 

But no matter what kind of year you had, there's something to be said for ending things on a high note. Accordingly, here are a few things that you can do to help wrap up 2016 in a positive way...

Tally up all the good things that happened.

2016 couldn't have been all bad, right? Remembering all the positive things that have happened during the course of the year - even one that wasn't particularly good - helps to maintain a sense of gratitude and keep things in perspective.

For instance, did you reach any major milestones in 2016? Did you get a fabulous new job or promotion, buy a home, move to a new city, get engaged or married, find out you're pregnant or had a baby, run a marathon, earn a degree or start a new course of study, adopt a pet, meet someone amazing, remove some toxic people from your life, or otherwise make a significant change? Make your own 2016 highlight reel, album, or document these moments in a journal.

These good things don't all have to be major events either. Did you create a delicious new recipe, perfect a favorite dish, finally whittle down your wardrobe to a perfect capsule collection, stop biting your nails, successfully stuck to a budget most months, or read all the books on your list? These noteworthy accomplishments should all be included in your personal year-end wrap-up.

Organize a nontraditional sort of party.

While it's somewhat traditional to celebrate the New Year with champagne and sequins, that's definitely not the only way to do things. Consider changing things up and planning a somewhat calmer and more introspective night in with your closest friends and family, and perhaps even try some rituals that let you review the previous year, through out the old, and welcome in the new. Or keep things simple - reflect on 2016 and chat about your goals for 2017 over a potluck meal.

It can be a refreshing way to start off a new year. Besides, who really wants to start the New Year off with a hangover or facing the consequences of regrettable decisions they've made the night before?

Clean house.

Both mentally and physically! Or spiritually as well as literally, take your pick. You can perform rituals to clear your mind like meditating or listing out the negative things, traits, people, or events you want to eliminate from your thoughts in 2017 and tearing up the paper or even burning it.

And since your mind is a reflection of your environment, having a messy or cluttered home could be a major barrier to starting the new year with a clear, calm, and positive mindset. So get your home in order by organizing, cleaning, and otherwise setting the stage for a wonderful 2017.

Start a fresh journal.

Whether you typically keep a journal or a diary, want to get in on the bullet-journal trend, or are just seeking to start some new positive habits in 2017, now is the time to get a fresh journal or notebook or start a new folder or section of your digital journal or app.

Having a wonderful new year starts with creating a clean slate, an open mind, and getting rid of unnecessary baggage. We're looking forward to the start of the New Year, and here's hoping that 2017 will be our - and your - best year ever!



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