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energy-drain-four-foods-to-power-up-your-energyWhen you exercise daily for more than 60 minutes, you may feel drained by the end of the work out. Powering up with sports beverages, gels or bars may be one option, but there are foods in your refrigerator that will do the job for less.



Check out these four power-up foods to eat before or during your workout to boost your energy and stamina.


bananasBananas pack less than 100 calories but have more potassium than most sports drinks and will prevent muscle cramping. Plus bananas have natural carbohydrates to give you energy, and they fit easily into your gym bag. Slip them into your gym shoes to prevent bouncing and bruising on the way to the gym.



Just like when you were a kid, taking along a small box of raisins can be just the right snack to boost your energy at the gym. Like their hydated form, grapes, raisins have polyphenols in the skin to help with your blood flow and carbohydrates to punch up your energy.


oatmealIt’s not just for breakfast anymore. Oatmeal, even in the instant form, has carbs, a small amount of fiber and protein. Plus oatmeal has whole grains, which slow the absorption rate and give you a bigger boost for longer periods of time. For workouts lasting longer than sixty minutes like Olympic distance triathlons or half-marathons, try a few packets of oatmeal for pre-race fueling. That’s a healthy way to sow your oats.

Baked Potato

potatoeSpuds are a great side dish, but they also pack complex carbohydrates for fueling, and a bit of fiber and protein too. Opt for a little salt and Greek-style yogurt instead of sour cream or butter. You can bring a small spud to work and heat it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes for a pre-workout snack. Remember to poke the potato with a fork before heating though, or you’ll have mashed potatoes everywhere.

Daily workouts are key to maintaining your healthy body weight and reducing the risk of heart disease, Type II Diabetes and almost every form of cancer. Plus it just feels good to have it done. What’s your go to workout? Check out our newest downloads for five minute workouts on demand.

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