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energy-drinks-change-your-heartbeatIf you knock back an energy drink everyday to stay awake, you may be doing yourself harm! 

It’s no surprise that energy drinks keep us awake and work much faster than coffee. It’s also no surprise that energy drinks cause harm to our bodies. Specifically, energy drinks change your heartbeat.

Are energy drinks worth it if they can alter your heartbeat? No way!

A recent study evaluated the real effects of energy drinks on our hearts and the results are not good! It may be time to cut out these energy drinks!

The Harmful Effects of Energy Drinks 

When you consume a couple energy drinks, your heart is pumping forcefully. Energy drinks are packed with caffeine, thus making your heart pump harder and faster. According to the study, volunteers were given energy drinks and within just one hour, tests were taken that showed that their hearts were working faster than average.

If you are someone who already has an irregular heartbeat, energy drinks should not be your go-to pick-me-up! Sources note that doctors have seen tens of thousands of emergency room visits due to energy drinks, which should be enough evidence right there!

We suggest mixing half decaf and half regular coffee in the morning to give you a little boost of energy; your heart will thank you!



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