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ENERGY-DRINK-VS-COFFEE-WHICH-ONE-WORKS-BETTERMany energy drinks have twice the amount of caffeine compared to coffee.

New research suggests that energy drinks will not help individuals concentrate more than regular caffeinated drinks. In one study, participants were given either water, water with caffeine, or water mixed with energy drink "5-Hour Energy." Those who received caffeinated drinks were given the same about of caffeine per pound of their body weight.


Researchers then looked at participants' brain activity during a computer exercise and discovered that, while those who drank caffeinated drinks responded more quickly than those who only drank water, there was no difference in response speed between the individuals who drank the water with caffeine and those who drank 5-Hour E

nergy. The only major difference between the two is that the dosage of caffeine from energy drinks is more concentrated than that from coffee (you would have to drink two cups of coffee to match the amount of caffeine in a 2oz bottle of 5-Hour Energy).

Yet, such a high concentration of caffeine has been linked to health problems such as heart attacks. In the future, more research will be conducted to determine what combinations of chemicals are safe to consume.

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