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10 ways To Entertain Kids on Car Trips

A little planning and a few things stowed away in the back seat pockets facing the brood can keep them busily occupied while the driver has a peaceful safe experience.

There's nothing more distracting and frustrating about a car trip than the thought of traveling long distance by car with the kids.  This is not to say the kids aren't pleasant and enjoyable people, but let's face it something happens to the kids when they travel long distances in cars that can drive the driver insane.  This is true in most cases when there's nothing entertaining to kids on car trips.

It seems as if no child is mature enough to endure traveling by car especially when it's a long drive.  Young children to teenage siblings can latterly run their parents off a cliff with antics, arguing, crying, fighting, and having to go to the bathroom, hungry or hot.  There's nothing more stressful.  Cut out the stress, eliminate the antics, feuding and complaining by trying one of these ideal ways to entertain the kids on car trips.

  • Car Bingo or Traveling Bingo - This is one of the most entertaining kids car trip ideas of it's time. It involves everyone in the car so the entire family and enjoy the long journey by car.
  • Family Travel Music CD's - this is another great way to entertain everyone on a long car trip. Everyone loves to sing while driving long distances so mixing up a music CD with everyone's favorite music is a good way to make the time fly by.
  • Video Games - There are two ways to entertain kids on a car trip with video games. One way is buy purchasing handle held or pocket-video games. The other way is if the family is fortunate enough to have the headrest video and audio capabilities.
  • Travel Scavenger hunt - This game is for children and adults and is quite fun. It only takes a little creativity to construct. Using a personal computer parent can draft of a list of items that would normally be seen on the road while driving. As the road trips progress the kids are occupied by trying to fill up their traveling scavenger hunt list. Parents can determine the winning prize for the child with the most items seen on the road.
  • Traveling Journal - Traveling journals are great entertainment for kids on a car trip, especially for single children. Basically the child writes down all the exciting sites while on a long drive with the family. Traveling Journals are also great for summer vacations in preparation for back to school and the children's account of their family vacation trips and experiences.
  • String Crafts - Entertaining the kids on a road trip is quite easy with some simply household items like string or aluminum or yarn. Print out cool string crafts like "Jacobs Ladder", Cup & Saucer or cats cradle, which can be created by a simple string and the dexterity of the kids' fingers and hands. There are hundreds of string craft ideas online that will occupy hours of the kids time while traveling.
  • Aluminum Foil - is a great entertainment tool for the kids, much like the string crafts, aluminum foil crafts can cover hours of traveling time. All you need is a few aluminum craft ideas, 99 cent aluminum foil and a little creativity from the kids.
  • Cootie Catcher - giving the kids something to do with their hands, eyes and mind and that's just what a cootie catcher does. Cootie Catcher is a paper puppet that has colors and numbers. One person operates the cootie catcher to reveal fortune telling answers to everyone questions.
  • License Plate Game - depending on the kids visibility playing the license plate game can make the time pass away quickly. Simply have the kids looking for specific license plates or bumper stickers.
  • Reading - There's nothing like a good book or books kids can read while traveling long distances by car. This keeps them occupied, quiet and content for hours.

For more creative ways to entertain kids of all ages on a road trip, browse the internet and the local library.

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