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ptr-twilighters-125sqTwilighters.org caters to the rapidly growing community of Twilight saga fans. This site is one of the biggest Twilight fan communities online and a great place to acquire in depth knowledge about the cast and each of the movie's story lines. Also for those wishing to stay closer to the novels, there is a section reviewing all the Twilight novels. You can also watch and download trailers, graphics and wallpaper or just chat with other Twilighters. The image gallery is massive and even includes some of the movie posters making this section alone a true treasure trunk for every fan. Visit Website

ptr-screenit-125sqScreen It, a subscription optional website for busy parents provides peace of mind by supplying specific content regarding movies before their kids go off to see them by themselves. Instead of the vague MPAA ratings most parents are forced to rely on, a user will know very specific content issues which are neatly categorized according to content including drug or alcohol abuse, violence, sex, obscene language, use of guns or weapons, smoking and even scary horror scenes. Visit Website

ptr-seeingstars-125sqSeeing-Stars has loads of information on all that is Hollywood. Whether you are visiting as a tourist, want to be in a game show or in a movie as a background actor/ actress or just want to hang out in the same places that the stars do on their off time, this website has some surprisingly accurate insider scoops! For fans of Hollywood's golden age there is also a plethora of historic and landmark information as well as a calendar of Hollywood events. Visit Website

ptr-bellaandedward-125sqBella and Edward provides fans of the Twilight movie saga with everything they always wanted to know about their two favorite characters, Bella and Edward. You can indulge in the latest gossip about the two stars, browse the great photo galleries and find tons of information about the Twilight movies in general. Fans also have a chance to participate by sending in their own photos, art or stories. Visit Website

ptr-musicalheaven-125sqMusical Heaven will be your new favorite site on the world wide web if you are a lover of musical theater. Whether you are a fan of Broadway plays, musicals or even Chinese Theatre, the extensive library of sheet music and memorabilia on MusicalHeaven.com provides loads of information. You will even find a great list of online radio stations and podcasts that are dedicated to playing musical and Broadway tunes. And for the musical trivia fanatics there is a section where you can brush up on your knowledge about composers and lyricists. Visit Website

GreatDayGamesGreatDayGames.com is a fun website that is chuck full of free online games, downloads, Flash games and even multiplayer games. The categories at GreatDayGames are nearly endless. There’s card games, casino, arcade, sports and word games, among many others.

Registering for an account at GreatDayGames.com allows the user to better interact with the community, which the website’s active forum contributes to. To add to the excitement, users are also eligible for prizes. GreatDayGames users can enter sweepstakes that may reward them with a Target, K-Mart or Walmart gift card, along with other prize opportunities. They also have a daily bonus games, which allows users to win extra “treats.” It’s an always moving, exciting, fun, interactive experience! Visit Website.

primarygamesWho knows what kids like to play better than a teacher? Primarygames.com was created by a teacher back in 2000 and has been providing level-appropriate games for kids ever since. One thing that makes Primarygames.com so special is the levels and subjects at the top navigation bar.

Easily select whichever grade your child is in to find a level and game that will challenge them without being too tough. The games on Primarygames.com are also sorted into subjects to narrow down the best-fitting games even easier. Some subjects include math, sports, reading, and cooking games, and many more.

photoblipIf you’re looking for a hilarious place to kill time online, look no further than Photoblip.com! This site features a simple photo stream packed with amusing pictures of celebrities, goofy animal photos and endless memes. The photos on Photoblip have such tempting captions, it will have you clicking on all of them.

wellgamesWellgames.com is a one-stop shop for free multiplayer family-friendly games. Puzzles, word games and arcade games on Wellgames all feature over 4 to 5 hours of gameplay and no less than 30 levels to keep the kids busy learning.

Take “Sumz!” for example, where kids race against the clock to add numbers to get the correct sum. Don’t forget to take Wellgames.com with you on family trips or car drives; you can play all the free flash-player games on Android or iPhone!

easy-girl-gamesEasygirlgames.com is filled with girly games for all interests! Girls into cooking can check out cooking games while makeover specialists will have endless fun in the makeover section. Easygirlgames.com has a wonderful variety of online games for women and girls. There are celebrity games, kissing games, dress up games, and more. Easygirlgames.com has enough girly games for hours of entertainment whether the player is in preschool, high school, or is even an adult!

ptr-twilightersanon-120Twilighters Anonymous is one of the largest fansites & communities in the world that delivers all Twilight news and fulfills in getting your Twilight addiction fix with games and activities to keep you busy all day long. Along with finding all the information you need through their thousands of pages, you can also download their latest monthly desktop wallpaper calendar, take quizzes all day long, view their enormous collection of Twilight gallery pics, or check out their latest event coverage! Visit Website


buzzlolDon't you just love funny internet photos, especially funny photos that literally make you laugh out loud? Buzzlol.com is home to the Internet’s funniest photos. A couple clicks on Buzzlol.com will have you laughing hysterically at the ridiculous cat photos, illustrations and funny screenshots. Check out the “fail” section for non-stop, face palm humor. And the captions on Buzzlol.com are so tempting. It’s simple fun that can last for hours if you let it!

mockingjayMockingjay.net has been the largest community for Hunger Games fans since 2009. The website, Mockingjay.Net, gives a place for the fanbase to communicate, learn more about the series and be updated about the hit books written by Suzanne Collins. Fans can also learn about the movie series based on the books.

The Mockingjay homepage is filled with frequently updated news about all things Hunger Games, whether it’s about the film’s actors, fan antics or press. The Mockingjay.net forums allow users to communicate and even make friends based on their love and knowledge for The Hunger Games and Mockingjay.

In addition, the Mockingjay.net features expansive, original, information such as character bios and place bios. Mockingjay.net even does frequent podcasts about the series and has a video section for all videos related to The Hunger Games, also updated plenty. For Hunger Games fans, there really are endless possibilities on Mockingjay.net. Visit Website.

ptr-twilightish-125sqTwilightish, founded in 2009, brings you the latest Twilight Saga news from around the world. With dedicated Twi-hard staff in 3 countries, we have 24/7 coverage. We also provide live coverage at Twilight-related events as available, giveaways and reader interaction. Twilightish prides itself on having the widest variety of coverage - If it's connected to Twilight, we report on it. Interested in the next Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart film? Read about it on Twilightish while you check out the latest information on the saga. Twilightish features photos, videos, articles and editorial - everything you need to get your Twilight fix! Never miss a beat when you read Twilightish! Visit Website