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Rollercoaster Ride of Menopause

Hot flashes have an uncanny knack of magically arriving totally unannounced, leaving you simultaneously dripping wet and on fire at the most inappropriate times. If you are a female over forty chances are you are personally acquainted these moments! As if puberty wasn't bad enough! Now we finally get the hang of our periods, PMS and accepting our female hormones... only to be confronted with menopause and estrogen deficiency. What's next!

Handling Estrogen Deficiency

If you've managed to arrive at that most treasured time of a woman's life cycle relatively unscathed and with your sense of humor still intact- CONGRATULATIONS! For those just climbing onboard the estrogen deficiency symptomatic roller coaster ride; you too will soon learn that many of the rumors about hot flashes, loss of libido, and weight gain are 100% true. Are they exaggerated? Sadly that's a 'No, not really!'

Certainly there are some lucky women fortunate enough to breeze their way through menopause with few if any common symptoms but for most it's a constant battle of estrogen deficiency indicators and complaints.

What are the most common symptoms of Menopausal estrogen deficiency and how do you get through them without losing your sanity, temper and most importantly; your sense of you?

The most common initial sign that you are menopausal are irregular periods. At first you may feel grateful that this stage is finally coming to an end; but then come the other not so good symptoms that herald the dawning of this new stage of life. Estrogen deficiency is the major cause of these symptoms that range from mildly annoying to downright exasperating.

What happens when you experience hot flashes and night sweats is that your hormone levels become unbalanced, therefore, fooling your body's heat-regulating system into thinking you're too warm. The result is that your heart rate increases, your sweat glands automatically open up; and bingo you're suddenly hot and perspiring almost as if you'd just ran a marathon!

As if that's not enough, things down in the lower regions also start to go hay wire and suddenly you have the problem of vaginal dryness. Low estrogen once again is the culprit with the vaginal membranes drying out and becoming thinner resulting in discomfort as well as an increase in yeast and urinary tract infections. Great, isn't it? Perhaps PMS wasn't so bad after all!

More good news that you simply don't need is that estrogen deficiency also is responsible for weight gain, especially in the stomach region. Another most wearisome symptom to look forward to is frequent urination coupled with a weak bladder. Fantastic! Well, sadly to say there's still more gloom and doom to this fabulous little menopausal stroll, as some unfortunate women go on to experience thinning hair, facial hair growth, and mood swings as well as many having trouble sleeping. But luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel, as all of these symptoms have both medical and natural treatments available that can help alleviate and lessen much of the discomfort and inconvenience experienced at this time. Just as well!

The Savior of Humor in the Face of Futility

A sense of humor and lighthearted approach to estrogen deficiency works very well alongside any medical and natural remedies; so although drastic mood swings, a racing pulse and hot flashes may not be your idea of fun, try to see the lighter side of this rite of passage into menopause or else you may just lose the plot!

A joke from http://www.jokespalace.com just to make you smile:

Question: Why do women stop bleeding when entering menopause? Answer: Because they need all the blood for their varicose veins!

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