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european_washing_machineWhy Are Those German Washers So Efficient?

We have all seen European washing machines--the ones that are front loading and promise to do larger loads and save energy. They look like the washers you would find in most Laundromats, but how efficient are they and are they really a good value? Before deciding to purchase a European washing machine, take a look at our handy guide to the pros and cons of a front-loading washer.

European Front Load Washer Pros and Cons

If you were to do a check on the brands of German washing machines, you would discover that German washers do live up to the hype surrounding them. There are many pros to investing in such a machine.

Pros of a European Washing Machine

  • Unlike top load washing machines, European washing machines don't use an agitator, which can means that they are gentler on your clothes.
  • There is a faster spin cycle with the front load washer then with top load washing machines. Top load machines have only up to 700 RPM as a standard speed. The European washing  machines can spin up to 1600 RPM, so they will spin more of the water out of the clothes.
  • European washing machines have larger load capacity so you don't have to do as many loads.
  • A European Washing Machine uses less water, so you will save on water usage.
  • Front loading washing machines can be space savers because it is possible to stack the washer on top of a dryer or place it under a counter or a clothing rack.

    Cons of a European Washing Machine

    However, despite these pros, there are also some cons to the front load European washing machine.
    • Front loaders cost at least three times as much as a regular top loading washing machine.
    • Some European machines require a certain type of laundry soap. These types of detergents aren't available in every store, and may have to be purchased on the Internet.
    • Because they use less water, there is a always a possibility that a European washing machine will not get all the detergent out of the clothes in the rinse cycle. This can be a problem for those with allergies to laundry detergents.
    • There is a higher chance of mildew building up because of the rubber gasket along the door of a front load machine. If this area isn't wiped off periodically, it can lead to mildew building up and causing a bad smell.
    • If the gasket isn't sealed properly for any reason, or you forget to latch the washer, there is a possibility of water leaking on the floor.
      So are the European Washing Machines worth the trouble? There are cons involved in these models of Europeans Washers, but there are definite pros as well. There is no doubt some maintenance that will be involved, but if you follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and keep the machine in good condition then the energy, water, and time savings may make a European washing machine the right choice for your family.
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