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Eva Mendes is expecting...Ryan Gosling's baby. 

Everyone breathe, it’s going to be okay. Mendes is expecting her first child with everyone’s favorite young and hot actor, Ryan Gosling. What we can all potentially be happy about is their offspring will surely be gorgeous (and talented)! The Girl in Progress star is reportedly seven months pregnant.

The actor, 33, and actress, 40, were originally parents together on the set of the film Place Beyond the Pines and have been dating since fall 2011. They have fought off break-up rumors in the past. The two are rarely photographed together thus sparking reports of a tough relationship. 

They’ve also denied past pregnancy rumors, but this time it’s for real!

When Mendes recently made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she laughed off her alleged pregnancy saying, "It’s so ridiculous. It all started because I didn’t want to go through the scanners at the airport. You know those X-ray scanners, which are really creepy? They basically see you naked, right? And not only that, but there’s a radiation aspect to it, so I always opt out."

Mendes’ past boyfriends include a 2002-2010 relationship with George Augsuto while Gosling has been linked to actresses like his Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams and even Sandra Bullock, his co-star in the 2002 film Murder by Numbers.

Congratulations to the couple and new family!


Photo Credit: PR Photos

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