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everyday-scents-lavender-scentsLooking for a new scent that will do more for your house than smell good?

There are several common scents that do more than tickle your nose hairs or even remind you of favorite moments during your childhood.

Check out which scents and smells will do you good - for your nose and more! 

Olive Oil

To make your weight-loss journey a little easier, olive oil is a great way to satisfy your appetite. The smell of it alone can lower your calorie count.


If you’re having trouble sleeping, try a lavender scent in your bedroom. It’s a remedy for insomnia that helps soothe and relax not only your mind, but your body too. A new study revealed that it also helps decrease depression.

Fresh-Cut Grass and Jasmine

Both of these scents also help decrease depression and have been proven to make you happier.


While it’s sometimes referred to as the most overrated scent, it can actually make you feel more joyous and relaxed.


For the moms whose children have a hard time concentrating on homework, peppermint is a great trick to change that. It helps boost focus, stamina, motivation and even enhance the general outcome. On top of that, it’s a great placebo to fight stuffy allergies.



Pine is more than a decoration for the Christmas season. It’s also a key ingredient for getting rid of stress and anxiety.


If you feel like your body is still lagging from winter, citrus will definitely do the trick to energize you. Toss out that cup of joe and opt for a grapefruit or an orange instead. 

Next time you want to set a romantic mood, fill the room with a pumpkin scent. It’s an amazing aphrodisiac, especially when paired with lavender. In one study, 40 percent of male participants had a positive reaction to the scent.

As a final note, for that annoying headache that just doesn’t seem to go away, use apples.

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