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executive-stamina-get-some-now-headerAfter 33 days of #33minutes of exercise, I’m feeling pretty smart about this investment in health.

But I also get notes from readers who feel discouraged about being out of shape in the first place. I hear you, totally. Here’s the good thing about being in bad shape…The good news is that if your fitness is low, you can claim a whole new gear of professional effectiveness just by doing something relatively enjoyable and concrete, like taking #33minutes to yourself on the treadmill in the morning.

If you are living the far-less-glam-than-it-looks executive lifestyle, this note is for you. If you’re not yet an executive but aspire to be one, head off this issue before it's a problem. Not interested in the C-suite? Executive stamina is something we can all develop.

Regardless of industry, when you’re a business executive you carry the stress and responsibility for your organization. The long hours can leave you feeling like you’ve run a marathon, but without the endorphins. Tired, edgy, fuzzy.

Is that just the way it is? NOPE.

The MOST effective execs don't actually skip exercise - it's the thing they schedule first, usually a 30-45 minute workout of variable intensity at least 4x a week. Many work with a trainer or on a piece of equipment they can reliably use wherever they are. Executives cite benefits like mental clarity and stamina to face the day.

Ditch the exhaustion with some exercise, and you’re in an incredible position to inspire others with your example. People look to you for innovative ideas and for you to create a sustainable workplace rather than one that breaks people. Taking yourself to the executive level means your body also has to get to that same level. This is what I keep telling my body doing #33minutes on the elliptical machine in the morning.

Is your physical fitness holding you back from professional fitness? That might be the best news. It's easier to get fitter than it is to get smarter or more charming. If you really believed your fitness was part of your job, and you were being evaluated on it, what would you change?


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