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Exercise Effect on Heart

Heart Specific Exericses

We all think that it will be a good outcome. Exercise can always help, right? Well, usually. However, there are those instances where too much exercise, or the wrong kind, can be harmful. But, it is better to exercise than not. Exercise effect heart healthy exercise that is, can lead to a new you.The problem that most of us have is determining what types of exercise will be the most beneficial. Is it cardio exercise for your heart, mind and soul that you need? Working out at all effects all three, but there is a specific exercise effect on heart health.

Working Out For Your Heart

The Center's for Disease Control and the American Heart Association have conducted studies that weight training and intense cardio exercise effect heart disease and bad cholesterol in a positive way.

This intense cardio means that you need to jog approximately 20 miles a week to significantly impact good cholesterol (HDL) growth. This may seem like a bit much. However, there is a better solution. It seems that it is better heart mind and soul cardio exercise workouts (meaning those that have impact on your heart and positive emotional and spiritual benefits) that will get your heart back on the right track. If you aren't into the exercise, the stress that is created undermines any heart health advantage. Therefore, you need to do something less strenuous that will give the same benefit. Can a lower intensity exercise effect heart health in the same way that more strenuous exercise does? Yes! All you have need to do is some intense intervals. This means that short bursts may actually provide more help than long distance training.

Another great exercise that offers very positive results for the heart is weight training. Not just any weight training will do either. It has to be that which is meant to build large muscle. The way to accomplish this is fewer reps at higher weight levels. Don't let that discourage you. if you want exercise to affect your heart, start now!  If you have never been one to lift weights, all you need to do is start relatively light.  But it should not be your intention to see how many times you can lift a given weight, but how much weight you can lift every time. If your muscles are atrophied to the point where you cannot even manage the bench press bar, then go with something lighter. Maybe the curl bar. Just start somewhere.

There are other ways that different types of exercise effect heart, mind and soul health. By doing any type of exercise, after a long period of being sedentary, you will have a more positive outlook. This is because endorphins are released when the exercise is strenuous enough. These endorphins are like little bursts of morphine. They are naturally produced pain killers. Your body produces them because you are causing muscle to break down. The only way to build new muscle is to tear the old. This is also your body's way of rewarding you. If you were depressed before a workout, you won't be after. The "runner's high" effect is real.

Whatever your reasons for working out, there are many benefits for your heart that exercise can effect. The best one may be that you live healthy longer.

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