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exercise-for-womens-upper-armsHow-to Exercise for Women's Upper Arms

Getting sick of the way you have to cover up your arms in every outfit? Even with the summer season gone, it can still be just as challenging for ladies of all ages to find outfits that flatter their arms. There are many exercises for women's upper arms that one can do right from home to start carving out a more toned upper body.

Five Simple Exercises to Change Your Arms

Lifting Weights

Ladies, please do not get into that frame of mind that weight lifting is a boys only club, as that theory cannot be further from the truth. Start with lower weight amounts such as performing basic arm curls with ten pound hand weights. If you don't have weights at home, you can use something as simple as cans of soup or vegetables. The key to successful weight lifting is good form, so you'll want to watch the basics on an internet video or seek advice from a gym-going friend.

Push Ups

Push ups are a great exercise that anyone can endure. They stimulate the arm muscles as well as lifting your bust line, so there is reason for all women to do a few push ups per day. Don't fret if you can't manage a full push up. Start by anchoring yourself on your knees instead of your toes. Keep your back straight and lower yourself using your arms until your biceps are parallel to the floor.


No, you do not need to go climb into a local ring for this. You simply need to buy yourself some inexpensive sparring gloves, ones that are around 12oz. in weight, and begin a shadowboxing drill. This can be for five to ten minutes each day, and involves you standing in front of a mirror and throwing punches out in the air. It is literally effortless, but the reward can come in the form of some great looking arms. If you really get into boxing, you can look into getting a punching bag.


Swimming is something you can do all year round if you live by a local high school or community pool. It takes only twenty minutes three times per week swimming backwards and forwards to eliminate flabby arms.


If you want to see how quickly these low impact aerobic exercises can transform your arms, simply picture Madonna as she is a big enforcer of the power of Pilates. There are classes you can take in virtually any fitness center, and there are currently a wide variety of DVDs based on these age old practices that you can complete in the comfort of your own family room! One thing many people like about pilates is that it uses your body's own weight to work out major muscle groups, so you don't need any fancy or expensive equipment.

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