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exercise-proof-your-next-vacation-headerThat doesn’t mean make sure you have no fun!

When summer comes around, vacations are all we've got on our mind. Taking a break from work and responsibilities and relaxing with those you care about, or even going solo! I've got ways to make sure your vacation doesn’t throw off the good exercise habit you’re building, without ever setting foot in a gym or a class.

A great travel vacation often involves lots of special treats, throwing aside the rules, and making some wonderful memories. And it should! It hopefully also involves getting extra rest, extra adventure, and extra of whatever you love.

Know what a travel vacation also has? Lots of extra sedentary time. Standing around getting museum malaise, sitting through big dinners, staying in one position for too long on air, train, bus and taxi rides.

How do you counter all that sitting without missing a moment of exploring?

Book a walking tour. Imagine having your own storyteller as you weave your way through a new city. Exercising was never so fascinating!

Walking tours come in all sizes and budgets. One of my personal favorites are the delicious-sounding walks in London. Check it out - www.walk.com, the oldest guided walking company around. At $13 for adults, $10 for super adults, as they call anyone over 65 or under 26, you get a lot more than you would for a movie ticket. Kids under 15 are free! Morning walks, afternoon walks, evening walks – something for every schedule.

And if London isn’t in your travel plans, most cities have walking tours right in your own backyard. A good storyteller can make the miles fly and fill your heart and mind with inspiration.  

Make sure YOU and your #33minutes are in the fitness protection program, and make your travel even more rewarding!

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