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exercise-stop-sitting-stillWhy aren't you moving?

With all the research and recommendations that support the benefits of a regular exercise program, obesity rates are still growing and our waistlines are still widening. If you’re still not motivated to move it or lose it, check out 9 more reasons you should be exercising.


Why Exercise is Important

1. Stress Less

It’s proven that exercise helps lower the effects of stress by lowering cortisol levels in the body. Even a simple 10 minute walk can help clear your mind and energize your body.

2. Lose Weight

The best way to maintain weight loss is with a daily exercise program. Those that lose weight and exercise daily are more likely to maintain their success than those that just dieted.

3. Being Sick Sucks

Exercise has been proven to boost your immune system and help fight off cardiovascular disease, the number one killer of Americans. People who exercise regularly report less sick days than those who don’t. (However, if you are sick, if you’re running a temperature, you should avoid a rigorous exercise program for that day. If you just have a runny nose, still go for that run.)

4. Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Many employers are reducing healthcare costs for those who regularly participate in an exercise regimen or gym membership. Conversely, it may cost you more money if you’re sedentary, as lifestyle choices impact our healthcare costs and sedentary behavior has a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and almost all forms of cancer.

5. Superman Strength

The "Man of Steel" may be the only one on the planet who doesn’t lose muscle as he ages, but for everyone else, lean muscle mass is a “use it or lose it” commodity. Strength training and weight-bearing exercises can help maintain and increase lean muscle mass, which helps you look and live younger.

6. Skip the Aspirin

Exercise has been proven to reduce tension headaches. This is possibly a side effect of reducing stress, but even a simple inversion in yoga can help reduce the pain from migraines. Simply reducing blood flow from a Downward Dog position can help constrict blood flow and eliminate a headache.

7. Weekend Warriors Rule

Regular participation in an exercise program can help you stay in the game. Weekend sport participants know that when you’re in shape, you can still participate in many of the sports from your youthful days. And, with less risk of injury!

8. Run From Your Food

Although it is almost impossible to out-run a day’s supply of calories on a consistent basis, there is some truth to maintaining a calorie balance from exercising. A simple 30 minute run may burn off enough calories to equal a candy bar, but poor nutrition plagues America and very few people can continue to eat high calorie, low-nutrient foods and stay slim.

9. Dream On

People who exercise regularly report better, sounder sleep patterns. Exercise has been linked to help people maintain other hormonal balances that improve quality of sleep, which means your dreams can continue well after you’ve nodded off to sleep.

You know you need to get started. You know that you'll feel better. Stop thinking about it and start moving. Check out the wedding section for April Barkley's weight loss journey to wedding day. 

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