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Sneak in exercise at work without even leaving your chair! 

For us working women, whether at home or in an office, sitting down most of the day is just part of the job. But, did you know that sitting more than six hours a day can take years off your life? Just because you’re needed at the office doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some simple, easy office exercises during your work day to loosen those tight muscles.



In addition to making sure you stand up at least once every hour, try these quick easy stretches that can be done right from your office chair.

Easy Exercises at Work

1. Crossed Leg Stretch

While sitting, place your left heel on your right knee. Slowly round forward, lowering your head, shoulders and torso toward your knee. You’ll feel the stretch in your hips and lower back. As you slowly roll back up switch legs and repeat, two or three times on each side. Note: don’t come up too quickly, you’ll get dizzy!

2. Side Seated Stretch

Sit tall in your chair. Then, lean to your right to touch your fingertips to the ground. Take a deep breath as you feel the pull in your abdominal muscles. Take a deep breath, come back up to the center, and repeat on your left side.

3. Chest Opener

While seated, open your palms, and stretch your arms backwards. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to open the chest. Take a deep breath, then reach your hands up behind your head as you exhale, completing a circle with your arms.

4. Chair Twist

While sitting with your feet planted on the ground, turn your body to the right and grab the right side of your chair with both hands. Hold for a few seconds, then turn to the other side. You’ll feel an energizing pull in your back.

Sitting all day long doesn’t mean you have to be still the whole time. Try this simple workout at work to make your day happier, healthier and more energized.

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