Jennifer Burrell loved fashion from an early age. In college she majored in marketing, but wanted to combine her love of fashion and marketing skills so she decided to start her own company.

Jennifer Burrell is quite an extraordinary woman because she has learned how to balance owning her own story, The Frock Shop, and being a wife and friend.

About The Frock Shop

Burrell started The Frock Shop out of frustration. She hated having to buy tons of dresses for parties, weddings and all different types of event. Then she had a thought, if men can rent tuxedoes, why can’t women rent dresses? That’s the question that started The Frock Shop. Burrell has over 250 dresses in stock that you can rent to wear to any special event. Dress rental will save you lots of money and you will still look absolutely fabulous!

If you live in the Chicago area you can come into the store, try on dresses and rent them. But what if you live outside of Chicago? No problem, you can check out the dresses she has in stock online and you can get them shipped to anywhere in the fifty states!

Balancing Act

Burrell really strives to balance work and play. She set specific hours for work and then uses the rest of the day spending time with her husband or friends. Burrell and her husband have a date night about once a week to get out of the house and really spend time with one another. She also sets aside Saturday nights for a girl’s night so she can spend time with her friends as well. Balancing everything can be a lot but when you set aside time for friends and family, it is possible to do it all.

Owning her own business, being a wife and friend Jennifer Burrell has a lot on her plate. But she loves what she does and makes sure to spend time with friends and family. That’s what we call an extraordinary woman! Check out frockshopchicago.com to see the dresses Burrell has in stock!

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