Bobbie-Thomas-Extraordinary-WomanAuthor of “The Power of Style” Bobbie Thomas is an extraordinary woman for countless reasons.

As a style editor for the Today show, Bobbie Thomas has a unique background that not many would guess. She didn’t start as a fashion pro. Instead, she spent the first three years of her career as a rape crisis counselor.

Today, Thomas uses this experience to encourage women and build their confidence through clothing.

How Bobbie Thomas's Career Launched

The beginning of Thomas's career actually started in a psychology classroom. “I wanted to take the earlier part of my career that had to do with learning about human behavior and helping people who felt overwhelmed in their situation,” said Thomas.

“You can get out of an abusive relationship. You can be a survivor in more ways than one. That connects so much to the layers we put on.”

As women, we communicate through what we wear. And, when we feel bad, we want to reach out and talk something through. "Often times what we wear is how we go about that," Bobbie adds. She considers herself a "professional girlfriend" because she wants women to feel her support and encouragement for feeling confident. 

About "The Power of Style"

Since women mostly go about expressing themselves through clothing, "The Power of Style" is about the psychology of style. "The Power of Style" isn't your ordinary fashion book. Thomas bares all as she reveals moments of her life where she felt insecure and cried herself to sleep. Her book reaches out women everywhere helping them to simply feel good about themselves. 

The Future of Bobbie Thomas

Thomas continues to build a network of women who support each other and will one day launch a beauty boot camp.  She's always on the road for work, which she loves. She loves talking and learning from other women along the way. She really wants women to rely on each other and support each other more. 

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