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FACEBook-boosts-organ-donors-videoMore than 33,000 new donors have registered via Facebook.

Facebook may be a new way to increase the number of U.S. organ donors. Just last year, more than 100,000 people used the social networking site as a way to identify themselves as organ donors. Out of these 100,000 people, 33,000 individuals who signed up to be organ donors with their state registries were doing so for the first time.


Organ Donation and Social Media

Researchers have shown that social media can be a valuable tool for convincing those who support organ donations but never seem to get around to registering.

Sites like Facebook can be just the motivation they need to go the extra step and register with their state.

But why social media? Well, individuals can see what their "friends" are doing online and "share" causes that they care about. The influence of such sites on organ donors cannot be undervalued, as there continues to be a shortage of organs in the U.S. 

Social Media and Business

Social media has provided many new businesses outlets for reaching a broader audience, and, at little or no cost! Social media has replaced many traditional media budgets as well. Social strategists help target the audience the client wants to reach, and although not everyone's message goes viral, the fanbase/following and potential shares to friends has proven to provide positive results, such as the one above.


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