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Ever get busted for using Facebook at work? Well, soon you're employer may be requiring you to use the social media network at work once the social media giant officially introduces their newest creation, Facebook at Work.

The new site will mimic much of how LinkedIn and Google's and Microsoft's workplace work, but it will also include tools for people to work on things such as shared documents. Sources note that it will function much like the non-work version of Facebook complete with a news feed, groups and messaging capability.

The design of a work Facebook profile will look and function much like a personal one, but don't worry- the work profile will be a completely separate entity from your personal profile. So no, you don't have to rush home and delete all the questionable photos and statuses you've posted since 2007. 

The project was inspired by Facebook employees' own use of the site for work purposes, and for now, it’s still in an early pilot program. 

 Would you and your company use the Facebook at Work version? Can you even imagine how out of hand coworker group chats could get? 

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