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facebook-promoting-organ-donationFacebook and Organ Donations

Just when we thought social media couldn't get any more complicated, Facebook announced that they are poised to be a major player in organ donations for people that need transplants to save their lives.  Don't get us wrong, any way we can help with organ donations to save lives is good.  And we suppose this was coming.  Along with the social media hype comes creative ways in which to use it.  And what better way to save lives than with organ donation.  It's just that it seems a bit weird, given what we have used Facebook for in the past.  However, technology is always changing and growing, and Women's Forum is dedicated to let you know what is going on with Facebook and organ donations.

Organ Donations Through Facebook

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is putting himself out there to be an organ donor on Facebook.   He is paving the way for the United States and Britain citizens to do the same if they so choose.  If you are not an organ donor, the process is pretty simple.  All you need to do is click on the appropriate link to register, where you will be instantly recorded as an organ donor.  Zuckerberg is determined to use Facebook as an avenue to communicate the needs of people that need help.

What prompted Zuckerberg to launch this new Facebook phenomenon, was his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, a medical student, and the late Steve Jobs.  At supper time, Zuckerberg and his girlfriend frequently discussed the activities of the day.  Chan openly shared experiences about people getting sicker because they didn't have the organ that they needed.  And yet she witnessed a younger boy getting a transplant and completely transforming his health for the better. Steve Jobs, a friend of Zuckerberg, extended his life by getting a liver transplant.  Zuckerberg sees Facebook as a new avenue to promote organ donation and save lives.

There is an option on Facebook pages in the health and wellness section where people can indicate whether or not they are organ donors, much like a driver's license.  But the difference is that people on Facebook can tell why they are organ donors and raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

Organ Donation

  • Nearly 20 people die daily and needlessly from lack of organ donations.  Donate Life America, an organization that promotes organ donation is very pleased with this new way to raise awareness for organ donation.  If you are not an organ donor, you can register online and make sure that you tell your family and friends what your wishes are.
  • Steve Jobs, the 56-year-old founder of Apple, died last fall of pancreatic cancer.  The liver transplant he received did prolong his life.  Facebook users have now reached a little over 900 million and is a good investment for stock brokers, with estimations as high as 10 billion in the next few weeks.

With those kind of statistics, we are guessing that perhaps more people will be saved through organ donation.  So what do you think about Facebook providing organ donation information?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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