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fairytale-wishes-inc-spray-product-reviewsCheck Out These Cute Sprays to Help Kids Overcome Common Anxieties: All Invented by a Mom!

Mommy inventor Debbie Glickman founded Fairytale Wishes Inc., a company with a line of sprays for kids to help them for when they go through very common childhood anxiety stages in life such as monsters under the bed or bad dreams (but, also the exciting stages such as when kids are losing their teeth and want a visit from the tooth fairy or think they are superheroes!).

We talked with the mommy inventor and our panel of moms tested the sprays in this Fairytale Wishes Inc. sprays product review

Fairytale Wishes Inc. Sprays Product Reviews 

Each bottle has some magic glitter, because of course, kids love glitter. Each bottle has a mini fairytale, which explains why the scent and spray works. “It gives them a story behind it and it helps them to believe the spray will actually work,” says Glickman. Freddy the magical frog is apart of all the stories for each spray and is always there to save the day!

The sprays are made of mostly water, floral extract, fragrance from naturally-derived materials and natural preservatives.

Our panel of moms thought this product idea was so clever and just adorable! Our moms noted they loved all the sprays and know they would work for their children. They also thought the stories on each bottle were great. Check out the stories associated with each spray.


Happy Camper Spray 

The Happy Camper spray is grape-scented and is for kids who are away at camp and are a little homesick. They just spray it on their pillow and the magic spray will keep homesickness away. 

Monster Repellent Spray

The Monster Repellent spray is bubblegum-scented. Kids spray it under their bed or in their closet and like magic, bed bugs and scary monsters will go away. The story reads that monsters are terrified of bubblegum because it’s so sticky and gets in their fur and fangs and takes all the fun out of scaring kids. So, if they smell this spray, they will definitely skip your house! 

Super Hero Spray 

The Super Hero spray is peppermint-scented. The story reads that you just spray yourself with this magical spray and poof! You become a superhero! 

Sweet Dreams Spray 

The Sweet Dreams spray is lavender-scented and is intended for kids to spray on their pillow. When they go to sleep, it will help them fall asleep and have only sweet dreams. 

Tooth Fairy Spray 

The Tooth Fairy spray is cotton candy-scented. When kids lose a tooth, they put it under their pillow and spray their pillow with this spray. The story reads that when kids spray their pillow, it becomes a signal for the tooth fairy to visit you. But, she won’t visit you unless you’re asleep. 

Purchasing the Sprays

Fairytale Wishes sprays can be purchased in stores in 29 states and in Canada and online at www.FairytaleWishesInc.com. There is also a store locator on her site. But, Glickman says if you buy them on her site, you get a letter from their magic frog, Freddy, personalized to your child, which is totally cute! 

The Happy Camper, Monster Repellent, Super Hero and Sweet Dreams cost $9.99 and are 4 oz. bottles. The Tooth Fairy spray is 2 oz. and costs $7.99. 

About the Fairytale Wishes Inc.

Debbie Glickman is the founder and president of Fairytale Wishes Inc. All the sprays, but the Tooth Fairy spray, were launched to consumers in May of 2009. The Tooth Fairy spray was launched in October 2012.

Glickman’s husband is an entrepreneur and Glickman has a daughter, Gracie, 13 and a son, Joey, 10.

When her son was little he was scared he was going to have bad dreams and she thought there has to be something to help kids with fear, bad dreams, etc. and there was nothing. The only thing she could find was a $25 little bottle of pillow spray for kids. “I put it in the back of my mind and thought maybe there could be a whole line of sprays that could help kids. And that’s how it got started,” says Glickman, 

“Someday I’d really like to establish a Fairytale Wishes foundation for kids who are at risk, sick, or in need. I donate a lot of products to a lot of organizations. That’s what it’s about for me, it’s not about making money its about helping kids,” says Glickman. 

What do you think of these Fairytale Wishes sprays? Would you try these clever Fairytale Wishes sprays with your children? 

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