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  • How To Capture Great Fall Photos

    How To Capture Great Fall Photos

    This time of year is full of picture perfect opportunities. We have put together a few ideas and tips for taking advantage of all of the props, colors and fun of the season.

  • Fall Fiesta!

    Fall Fiesta!

    This picture is prop-tastic! We love how they mix Thanksgiving with the little girls turkey tiara and the witch's hat. You can also get one more use out of those carved Halloween pumpkins before they are gone. The other part of this picture we amor is how the photograph shot it from the side to give the feeling of capturing a private moment shared between these siblings.

  • Playtime On The Farm

    Playtime On The Farm

    Have a little fun in the pumpkin patch! Bring your kids garden tools and let pretend. For smaller kids having something focus on and do will help them relax for the pictures. Older kids tend to be a little better at hamming things up for the camera. Use both of those to help get the best moments for the picture.

  • What You Don't See

    What You Don't See

    Like a magician, it is what you don't see that can trick the eye. Here you don't see the little girl's face, but you feel her personality come thru. Try snapping a few pictures that show parts of the whole image. 

  • This One's For Grandma!

    This One's For Grandma!

    We all have those well meaning mothers or grandmothers or aunts who just love to knit or maybe it is craft or maybe it is just sending our kids "special" gifts! Here's  picture idea that shows you can take those presents and play them up to create an awesome photo. Bonus points for making grandma happy!

  • Prop-tastic!


    Take the desire kids have for mom and dad to watch them play and use it to help capture a great picture. It doesn't hurt that a baby inside a pumpkin is pretty darn cute no matter what. Give a baby a wand to wave or a small stuffed animal for a toddler to cuddle, the picture practically takes itself!

  • Tap Into Playtime

    Tap Into Playtime

    Hit those after holiday sales to snag a few props and then let your child play with them. How they play and what they do with the props may give you ideas for the pictures you take. If you see them drop a spider in a pumpkin, then you can have them do it again for the picture.

  • The In-Between Moments

    The In-Between Moments

    Parents can make the mistake of trying to get the kids to "look right here" and miss the magic of the moments between the pictures. Try snapping some picture before your are "ready". Kids entertaining themselves can off some of the best pictures.

  • Magical Sibling Pics

    Magical Sibling Pics

    Sometimes it is not about the pose but the moment you capture in a photo. Before you pack away the decorations and toss the pumpkins putt them together and let your kids play. 

  • Curious Case Of A Great Picture

    Curious Case Of A Great Picture

    Take the natural curiousity of childhood and use it to snap a great pic. Put something fun or interesting inside a treat-pumpkin and let nature take its course. Don't worry about getting the faces or front angles, like in this picture what you don't see adds to the fun of this interaction.

  • Light It Up

    Light It Up

    We just loved this trick of putting a battery-operated light inside the pumpkin to add a glow on the child's face. 

  • Perfectly Silly And Simple

    Perfectly Silly And Simple

    Many of the pictures we featured have complex backdrops or costumes, but this one takes a simple idea and delivers a great moment. If you don't have the time or desire to "set" the scene, try something simple. A pair of baby overalls with a few seasonal pumpkins and vegetables was all it took to create the low-key atmosphere that allowed this great natural moment to happen.

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