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Castle Season 8 Premieres: September 21, 2015 - 10/9 CT

Channel: ABC

Fall-TV-Castle-Stana-RevisedWhere We Left Off:

Like all gripping finales, Castle’s past comes to light as he gets involved in a case that brings him back 30 years. At the time, the case was inspiration for him to become a writer. Apparently, Castle had witnessed a murder in which the body was never found and therefore, Castle’s story was claimed inaccurate.

In present time, Castle is faced with a similar case, which could potentially lead him back to solving the lost-cause case from decades ago. Eventually, Castle recognizes the killed girl from his past as well as finding the murderer.

In a suspenseful scene, Castle and the murderer are involved in a physical fight and Castle kills the murderer.

Castle is awarded an honor for his writing and dedicates the accolade to his friends and family.

What To Expect:

Opposite Castle, Beckett is approached with the opportunity to run for state Senate as well as become captain of her own precinct. Season 8 is likely to open with Beckett going back and forth with the decision as well as the evolving relationship of her and Castle.

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