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How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Premieres: September 24, 2015 - 10/9 CT

Channel: ABC

Fall-TV-HTGAWM-Viola-RevisedWhere We Left Off:

Annalise’s husband left a mess for wife Annalise whose students are working hard to discover the answers behind Lila’s murder. As Rebecca and Connor go over the documents again, Connor notices that Rebecca was seen near the sorority house Lila was killed at and in turn accuses Rebecca of Lila’s murder.

Annalise finds Rebecca gagged and bound in the bathroom and Wes explains, “Sam might have been innocent.” Annalise holds court for Rebecca on the spot.

Rebecca, while being held against her will, admits “I did it. I killed Lila.” Annalise doesn’t completely believe her though. “There’s no truth in the courtroom. There’s just your version of what happened versus theirs. That’s how the justice system works. It’s not what’s right and what’s fair. It’s who tells the most convincing story.”

Flashbacks reveal all — and the audience is taken back to the night Lila died. We see her calling Sam. “I tried to fix it. Have sex with Griffin. SO he’d think the baby’s his. But he started spouting about God.” Eventually, Sam leaves Lila (alive) and claims he is telling Annalise about the affair and the baby. Sam calls Frank and asks him to “take care of things.”

The team decides to go with the story that Sam killed Lila and it makes the most sense rather than pinning the murder on Rebecca.

What To Expect:

Rebecca was found murdered under the staircase at the end of the starter season, making viewers wonder if we'll find out who the new murderer is in season two.   

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