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16426-modern-family-2015-fall-tvPhoto Credit: ABC

Modern Family Season 7 Premieres: September 23, 2015 - 9/8 CT

Channel: ABC

Fall-TV-Modern-Family-Sofia-RevisedWhere We Left Off:

In the season 6 finale, we were at Alex’s high school graduation party held at Jay and Gloria’s home. Everyone in the family was celebrating except for Phil who was stuck in Seattle. Not much to the surprise of viewers, Phil was virtually present through the party thanks to the "manny" Andy who attached an iPad to a Segway. Andy introduced Robo-Phil to the Pritchett and Dunphy family, saying “It was a lot easier than having to pull the plug on my father at the hospital.”

Mitchell had been fired from his job for a month without telling Cam, leading Cam to be suspicious of Mitchell having an affair from all Mitchell’s questionable phone calls.

After all the misunderstood love connections between Haley and Andy, Phil (via iPad Segway) tries to get Andy and his daughter together after realizing the jealous nature of Andy’s longtime girlfriend Beth and that Haley is the “other girl” Andy keeps referring to.

What To Expect:

The last we see of the Andy and Haley love fest is Andy and Beth walking out the door together as Haley sighs in disappointment. 

Since we are talking about an Emmy-winning family comedy, the likelihood of Andy and Haley coming together in the name of love is a likely conclusion to the next season. Fans can expect to see the road to their relationship as well as watching the Dunphy's brainiac Alex enter college and perform enormously better than sister Haley who was kicked out of school after one semester. 

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