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Do you love fall colors? Then you should bring them into your home! Here's how to warm your home with fall wreaths, made with cinnamon sticks (yum!!), red maple leaves, dried apple slices, and colorful mums. The festive autumn colors bring the beauty of the outdoors in when you have a wreath of orange, red and yellow gracing your home.

With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is the perfect time to have autumn themes inside and outside of your home.

Decorate Your Doors, Table or Mantle

Bringing fall wreaths indoors to decorate with is not uncommon. You can have a wreath made with cranberries and small gourds as the centerpiece for your table on Thanksgiving. If you place a large pillar candle inside a glass holder in the center of the wreath, it looks absolutely stunning. And it's so easy to do too!

Just as you would hang a Christmas wreath from your mantle for the season, you could also hang fall wreaths. These differ from the Christmas decorations in not only color, but texture as well. Autumn wreaths usually have some kind of branch or brown grass as the background. Some wreaths are made with grape vines, or thin branches and twigs, others with straw. Whatever the background, the colors of fall flowers, are what make the decoration beautiful for an autumn theme.

You don't have to go out and spend money on a wreath with an autumn theme, you can use things you find in your own backyard or a park. As long as you have a hot glue gun and string, you can make your own fall wreath.

Make Your Own Autumn Wreath

Materials Needed:

  • Branches- from outside or a craft store
  • Dried grass- again, you can dry some yourself or purchase some synthetic grass at your local craft store
  • Acorns, colored leaves, and other interesting seeds that you find. You can go to a dollar store and buy a bunch of silk fall flowers and a bunch of red berries (you can use the berries in a Christmas wreath too). If you will be placing one of your fall wreaths on the table you can use small gourds for decorations, but the weight that they add to a wreath makes them harder to hang, and the gourds are hard to keep on no matter how much glue you use.
  • 10-16 inch ring (optional)


  1. To make your wreath with autumn themes, find thin bendable branches, and maybe even some dried grass.
  2. Form them into a circle, tying tight in several places as you go.
  3. Separate the fall flowers and trim only leaving about two inches of stem, place all of your flowers, leaves, berries and acorns around the branches and hot glue them down.
  4. Add a bow or ribbon in a fall color and you are done.

Whether you buy your wreath, or make it yourself find colors that stand out as an autumn theme. If you do buy one and you do not plan on keeping the entire wreath, see what you can remove from it to save for a wreath next year, and if you make one be sure to keep the fall flowers and berries to use again next year.

Fall wreaths may bring the colors in from the chilly outdoors, but they certainly warm your home when they are hung on the mantle, used as a centerpiece, or anything where else where you feel that your home needs some fall color. 

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