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false-rumors-on-kim-and-kanyes-secret-wedding-2Secret wedding ceremony for Kim and Kanye have been denied by close source.

Looks like fans, and even a few media sources, are overexcited for the eloping of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But no sweat, you didn't miss out on the big day. Kim has yet to walk down the isle in her recently purchased elegant white dress.

After a released article by Life & Style magazine, rumors spread over the weekend that Kimye tied the knot during a secret wedding ceremony in Los Angeles.

According to a secret source, however, the two have yet to get married, denying any said rumors of their secret elope. 

The two have yet to say anything on the subject. Kim and Kanye flew into New York City on Sunday with the intentions of attending the Met Ball.

No matter what rumors may be true or false, the intended date for Kimye's wedding is still May 24 in France at the Chateau Louis XIV.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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