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Best Family Budgeting Apps

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Person-on-smartphoneMake sure your family’s expenses are on track with these easy budgeting apps.

Keeping your family on a budget can be tricky at times. With children many unexpected expenses come up and you have to work around them, whether it is doctor’s visits, joining sports teams, or outgrowing clothing. Mothers wear many hats and accountant is often one of those hats.

In this technology obsessed world we use our smart phones for nearly everything, why not utilize it to its full potential and use it for family budgeting? There are many family budgeting apps that will help you manage your money on the go. The next time you are at the store and spend a little more than usual on your son’s soccer cleats, you can plug the numbers into your phone and rest easy.

5 Best Family Budgeting Apps

1. Mint

This free budgeting app has a reputation as one of the best and helps you to keep track of your expenses without working too hard to do so. If you have more than one account, don’t fear, Mint brings them together all in one place to easily lay them out for you. Once you have all of your accounts in front of you the options are endless; you can pay bills, track your balance and check if you have the money available to make a particular purchase.Family-shopping-for-groceries

2. Receipts

This $2 app makes it easy for you to track your purchases. Once you spend at the store you can take a picture of your receipt and upload information about the transaction. The app will keep track of when and where you bought and keep track of what categories you are spending in. Additionally, once you have all your receipts uploaded you can send them to other devices for even easier tracking.

3. Debt Manager

This $2 app is a simplified way to keep your IOU’s in check by entering what you owe and when you are due to pay bills. Once you enter all of your debts you can figure out which are your priorities and prepare for scenarios like an increase in a certain bill. You can also keep track of how much interest you are using and keep track of your past payments.

4. PocketMoney

The PocketMoney app is incredibly easy to use due to its smart technology feature. You can sync receipts and keep track of your spending. Then, you can send the information to your desktop because this app is also available there. This app is a bit pricy at $4.99 plus the option to purchase other components within the app so charges can add up. However, if it is used correctly, it can be very beneficial.

5. HomeBudget

HomeBudget is also $4.99 but it makes keeping track of your family’s expenses easy. With the ability to photograph receipts, set up bill payment reminders and place your budget into categories, it includes all of the essential budgeting requirements. You can also set up multiple accounts to keep track of your checking account, credit cards and savings account all in one place.

With today’s advanced technology, family budgeting does not have to be difficult. Find the app that is best for your brood and utilize it to its full potential. Happy spending!

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