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iStock-537365974 CroppedSpring is the perfect time of year to make new Easter traditions and continue old ones. The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, and jelly beans are crowding the candy aisle at the supermarket. For kids, it means Easter baskets, bunnies, and egg hunts. It’s a magical time.

This year during your family gathering consider starting a new tradition of reading an Easter book with your family. Whether you choose to do so before bed or early in the morning there are many great Easter books for the family. We have the best books for preschool age, elementary age and for the entire family to read together. Grab your kids, gather around, pick out your top Easter book and watch their eyes light up.

Preschool BooksKids-reading-books

"What is Easter" is a book for your little ones that explains what Easter is about in words they can understand. When your kids, ranging from age 2-5, ask you to explain Easter, reading them this book will leave them with a general understanding, making your life a little easier in the process.

"The Country Bunny" is about a mother bunny who wants to become the Easter bunny, but she must show that she is worthy of the title. The book is an Easter best-seller every year and has delighted little readers for many years. Your kids are sure to love this one.

Books for Grade School Kids

"The Story of Easter" is the book that will explain what Easter is about to your older kids. The book tells the story through breathtaking pictures and stories about how different parts of the world celebrate this day. The book also includes hands on activities for your kids to really feel the spirit of the holiday.

"Celebrate Easter" is yet another book with captivating pictures that will intrigue your kids. The book is a National Geographic volume that discusses Easter all over the world and how they celebrate it. The collections of stories are a great way to teach your kids about traditions of the day and where they originate from.

Family Classics

If you want to get the entire family together this year to read a classic Easter story, choose The Velveteen Rabbit. The story is a classic tale about a boy who receives a velveteen rabbit that has a dream to become a real rabbit. The story captures all emotions and is a must-read during this holiday. Your family will love to listen to this classic every year.

Whether you want to explain the story of Easter to your kids by age group or gather the entire family together for a classic Easter story, you have plenty of inspiring choices. Choose your book and create a new family tradition with each turn of the page. 


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