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a-family-without-sugar-for-a-yearHave you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t get your sugar fix for an entire year?

One family put it to the test and took part in a sugar-free diet for 365 days! Eve Schaub, her husband and their daughters Greta and Ilsa went all of 2011 with no sugar. Eve, who’s book about her journey, Year of No Sugar, revealed what many people want to know— what in the heck made you want to go without sugar for a year? Her answer? How could you not?

My husband showed me a video of a pediatric endocrinologist talking about sugar and what it does in our body. It's much more pervasive in our food supply than we might suspect. I became completely captivated by this video,” she told Huffington Post.

“For several days after, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Everywhere I went I saw sugar, and I started to question not only our food culture in America, but me personally. What am I feeding my family?”

Given that her two daughters were six and eleven-years-old at the time, you can imagine how they took the thought of not being able to eat sweets for what probably seemed in an eternity.

“That first day was probably the worst day we had. After that, things were never as bad as all that, although I can't say it was always easy. My younger daughter was six for most of the year, my other was eleven. My younger daughter was amazingly flexible. At the beginning of the project she kept forgetting, and I'd remind her there was no dessert -- again -- and she'd go, "Oh, okay!" and run off and play. My older daughter was much more, "Oh, woe is me!" She's the actress of the family.”

As far as the physical changes that took place after their change in diet, Eve did admit that she didn’t lose any weight. But that’s okay because that wasn’t the intention of doing the project. But she still noticed other changes. 

“Our palates changed over time. Things that were sweet began to taste different to us and really repellent by the fall. Things that normally looked very appealing looked obscene and disgusting. We felt healthier, it seemed like we got sick less, like we got better faster or got milder colds. My kids missed significantly less school.” 

She also made her own mayonnaise because it was difficult to find a jar without sugar. 

Could you survive this experiment?

Photo Credit: ThinkStock

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