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1-measles-outbreak-highest-in-yearsThe CDC has announced that the Measles outbreak is the highest it’s been in years. 

Be aware because according to the CDC, the cases of Measles in the U.S. have never been higher, in 20 years actually. The confirmed case count for 2014, as of the end of May, was 288 and is still growing. The nationwide total is around 764 cases. That number includes 166 cases as of Thursday from Ohio, where there is the biggest outbreak. Almost all the cases where of people that had not be vaccinated. This virus is highly contagious so read on to learn what you and your family can do to stay healthy. 

1-the-dirtiest-places-in-your-kitchenThe kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in your entire home.

If you're like me, when you think about the dirtiest places in your home, you probably think about the bathroom. Now, if we're talking about the messiest place, well, the bathroom might win that one too. In reality, studies show that the dirtiest place in your home is probably the kitchen. Hidden germs like Salmonella, E. coli, yeast, and even mold may be making camp in some of the hard to clean spots in the kitchen. "Germ Docs" have created a list of the dirtiest places in your kitchen, and we'll tell you how to make sure you clean all the right spots to avoid health risks for you and your family.

more-reasons-to-take-vitamins-and-supplementsIf you are looking for additional ways to get healthy, you may want to consider vitamins and supplements.

With pesticides, lack of good eating habits and the increase in junk food consumption, many Americans are deficient in health-related areas. These deficiencies may effect things such as mood, metabolism, energy and even sleep.

a-family-without-sugar-for-a-yearHave you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t get your sugar fix for an entire year?

One family put it to the test and took part in a sugar-free diet for 365 days! Eve Schaub, her husband and their daughters Greta and Ilsa went all of 2011 with no sugar. Eve, who’s book about her journey, Year of No Sugar, revealed what many people want to know— what in the heck made you want to go without sugar for a year? Her answer? How could you not?

12-surprising-places-germs-live-the-mostGerms are everywhere. Yes, there too!

Germs are bad. Germs are mean. Germs are everywhere, it seems. You wouldn’t believe some of the places germs hide. To help you protect yourself and your family from germs, here are some 12 surprising places germs live the most.